Co-founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur from Paris, he founded Kymono in March 2017. You can see him playing basketball on Tuesday nights, or giving tips on how to become a Sales Ninja at Lion on Saturdays. He likes salmon chirashis, 90s hip-hop music & snowboarding.


Partner & Head of Production

Born and brought up in Paris, he soon realized he wanted to make the most of the sun, so he moved to Bordeaux where he owns and runs his own textile mill. He likes beer & spending time with his wife & baby daughter.

The Family


Warriors-on-demand for entrepreneurs. They’re not an incubator, not a VC, not even an accelerator. They are a family for entrepreneurs in Europe. The Family is a platform that unites entrepreneurs across Europe in Paris, London and Berlin. They don’t have three offices, but one office, in three locations.


Head Of International Expansion

Born in Madrid and brought up in Spain and Switzerland, she moved to Paris to join Kymono as our very first employee. She likes Latin-American electronic music & free-ride skiing. Oh, and she also makes a great paella.


Head Of Sales

Originally from the Basque Country, he’s all about rugby and surfing. To put a smile on his face, nothing better than a chill night out, a glass of wine in one hand and some tapas in the other!


Head Of Digital

With a hint of southern blood, more precisely from Toulouse, Antoine likes a good laugh and strolling in the sunshine. He also enjoys sipping on a gin and tonic.


Head Of Operations

Pierre is the ultimate “Parisien”, known as “Captain” by everyone. Whether he’s singing old French songs if he’s tired or sharing his unconventional sense of humour, he never ceases to make us laugh. He’s also an expert at imitating celebrity voices when he goes on roadtrips.


Graphic Designer

The creative mind behind all our designs. He can handle any request, cause he’s always one step ahead of trends. He enjoys watching football while eating raclette, especially when the PSG is playing.

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Sales Ninja

Louis joined Kymono as the first intern, and never left. Although he went back to university, he still works part time here at Kymono. He’s THE ninja!


UK Ninja

Joined Kymono to do his final internship and is loving it. It’s his first time living in Paris, but partying took over sightseeing. He likes Thai food but can he handle it?


Country Manager, Germany

She is half Mauritanian half Senegalese and a great volleyball player, but also enjoys partying as long as there’s a dancefloor. She is the definition of a ninja, and won’t hesitate to show some moves!


Country Manager, UK

In her stylish streetdancer style, she fits right into the London startup scene. She’s half French half Scottish, so we’re hoping to take a teambuilding trip to Edinburgh someday.


Supply Chain Manager

All the way from Versailles, Alecks delights us with his good mood on a daily basis. You can hear the reggaeton blasting from his earphones, but he needs it to stay focused, nothing escapes his logistics skills.


Experience Leader

Yippie yay yippie yo, our in-house break-dancer will make you laugh so hard all your hassles will go away. Because aside from sales, he’s also a cinema pro, hit him up for a movie tip (but not a cooking one!).


Growth Manager

“There are no obstacles, only opportunities” she says. Najlae chose to make growth topics her specialty! She is passionate about design, dancing and vegan cuisine, but can also talk to you about culture for hours.

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Events Manager

He’s the latest addition to the team, but he’s no less of a killer. You can easily recognize him in his self-cropped jeans & worn-out Converse. He can’t get rid of his Britannic origins, so you might see him flipping crêpes on a sailboat.

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Experience Leader

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Experience Leader

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Experience Leader

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Sales Ninja

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Graphic Designer

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Marketing Manager

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Head Of Studio

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Production Manager