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Corporate culture consulting

We help companies create a continuously evolving unique, assertive and actionable culture.

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Culture Design
Culture design

We believe in the power of corporate culture

After several years of research and field experience, our team of consultants have been able to create a support offer dedicated to corporate culture.

This has allowed us to establish 4 fundamental pillars to build a strong culture :

  • - Your reason for being (Your Why)
  • - Values system (Your guiding principles)
  • - Identity (Your personality)
  • - Rituals (Your experience)

Our services are adapted to all stages of growth. Everywhere.

Our method:

Our approach includes a quantitative and qualitative assessment to determine your level of maturity before and after the Culture Design project.

  1. Consult

    We listen to your issues and objectives.

  2. Analyze

    We conduct qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys.

  3. Transform

    We carry out team workshops for the construction of your pillars.

  4. Apply

    You implement the changes within your teams.

  5. Perform

    You measure and sustain your success.


Our references

  • eskimoz
  • Merci Jack
  • Merci Jack
  • Compressport
  • Comet
  • kom
  • Pennylane
  • Cowboy
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Culture Design's offer is incredible. Contact them, it will definitely help you grow.

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