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Customize clothes for your startup

We are culture designers

Born in Paris, we are now Europe’s leading designers of quality customized clothing.


We can all agree that culture and identity are KEY to success, and at Kymono we believe that outfits play a crucial role in developing a startup’s culture. In today’s competitive talent market building an employer brand is vital. Get your crew clothes they’ll want to wear and they’ll become passive ambassadors.

High quality products // respecting the highest ethics of production // 100% organic

Let's create my outfit

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Customized clothes shouldn’t be crap

We're talking about style, babe.

KYMONO clothes are just the best quality you can find. We chose every single detail carefully: materials, cuts, colors, buttons & zippers.

You’ll never stop wearing your own new style.

Our products
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Share your colors & build your cult!

You may be at a café or in the bus, you’re always on a mission. It’s not advertising, it’s expression.

You don’t sell your product, you share your values.

Your startup is precious and that's why our service is perfect.

Our products

What you wear is what you are

You care about the environment ? So does Kymono. Wanna make sure the people involved are well-treated? So does KYMONO.

Organic, sustainable and respecting the highest ethics of production, your clothes must be good.

Our products

Kymono has a new showroom experience

(based in Paris at The Family)

Find the best outfit to represent you.

Come and select your model and every single detail LIVE.

Let’s meet.

By appointment only, send us a message, we will book time especially for you.