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Story & Team.

Kymono is a meeting between an entrepreneur (Olivier), a personalization expert (Hugo) and The Family. After several months of preparation, the adventure was launched in March 2017.


To turn the market around

The "goodies" market, which is specific to clothing and promotional items, has always been very competitive, fragmented and without any real renewal or improvement of its offers and services. Kymono's mission was obvious:

The formula is simple

To promise and deliver the best customized products and services, anywhere in Europe, for the creation of a remarkable and actionable company culture.

In the beginning

It was clothing, then objects. Very quickly, we thought of our offer with new services: the studio, the personalization of offices and the consulting in corporate culture



The craze beyond France intensified in the first months. We then developed an international strategy with the opening of the English market (London, early 2018), German (Berlin, late 2018) and Spanish (Madrid, spring 2019)


The team has continued to grow: from a few dedicated ninjas in the early days, it is now a diversity of creative talents, production experts and ingenious developers that make Kymono rich.


It's always day 1!

This story is constantly nourished by new ideas and ambitious projects. This creativity drives us every day. The market and its opportunities are infinite, as is our ambition and desire to bring this incredible adventure to life.

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Kymono Team

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